Shifting furniture like Tetris pieces – I love it!

I used to move a lot as a child – my father’s job required that every two or three years we had to start over in a new place.  Got really good at making friends, and books kept me company, too.  As a result, I have a library that is overflowing (thank goodness for e-books!), and every year I get the urge to pull up stakes and move.  However, as an adult, with my own job and family, it’s not practical.  So instead, I move my furniture.  Today, however, there is a special urgency and delight in shifting everything around – we’re adopting a piano!  A very nice, older couple was looking for someone to take away their 19th century upright, and I was more than willing to do so.  Always wanted a piano – especially an older one, with character.  It’s in very good condition, tuned and playable, but as an older piece, I don’t have to worry quite as much about protecting the finish.  And, hey – it’s FREE – a price I can agree with.  It’s been my heart’s desire since the age of 10.  And already, story ideas that begin with the adoption of a piano are percolating… do you ever find that you have too many ideas at once, and you can’t get them all down fast enough?

Finding Inspiration

In the last few months, little things will happen at home, or at the grocery store, or in the backyard, and I’ll think to myself, how could that work into a story?  On the one hand, I try to write about what I know, because that’s a pretty standard rule or advisory guideline for writing.  On the other hand, I love to imagine what could be – things I’ve only experienced or seen in my dreams, waking or asleep.  Like, today:  I did a magnificent faceplant in front of my children while trying to step over the dog, hands full with a can of pop and a hotdog.  Bruised my chin, cut my upper and lower lip (hello, pouty look!), scratched that little indent between your nose and mouth, scraped my right knee… I was spitting blood out in the bathroom for five minutes and my children were crying.  And suddenly, I’m thinking (this is how very weird and strange I can be) – How could I work this into a novel?  What if the character loses a tooth, and has to run up to the hospital, where she meets the antagonizing yet devastatingly handsome doctor?  Or, picking herself up, discovers that she tripped on a loose floorboard, and something mysterious is glittering underneath?  I’m liking these ideas already…

Mist and Midnight – old-school vampire vs natural witch


I am proud to announce that my first romance, Mist and Midnight, will soon be published as in an anthology about vampires by MSF (formerly Midnight Showcase) for your reading enjoyment!  Stay tuned!  To my supportive and beautiful friends in Kirkland Lake, Ontario and Seoul, South Korea, thanks and I love you so much!