What do you think is romantic?

How do you bring romance into your life?  What do you look for to give you those warm, fuzzy feelings… or that hot, sexy feeling?  Are you surprised when romance happens, or do you plan for it and enjoy it arriving when expected?  What’s better – surprise or planning?  Unexpected or scheduled?  Random act of romance, or knowing (and anticipating) that it was coming?  Is this why we read romance novels – to get both?

2 thoughts on “What do you think is romantic?

  1. phranquelyspeaking says:

    I dress in my most expensive clothes, I go out for a lavish dinner and then I either go out dancing, or just relax. I don’t always need to be with someone, just knowing how amazing I look and how good I feel. I’m planning to do with soon, actually. Going to take my friend Laura out for French food when I move.

    OH! And I feel sexy when I have a ton of men hitting on me…like recently! I have a date tomorrow night, one on Wednesday, one on Friday (WITH A DOCTOR!) and one, maybe on Saturday. I also had a date Thursday night ^.^


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