There is a beautiful storm just to the northwest right now – it’s pitch black, and the lightning flashes are illuminating the edges of the cloudbank.  My children are in bed, thank goodness – if they saw this, it might scare them.  I love it.  I would love to bring out a chair, just to sit and watch it pass, feeling the cool wash of air over my face and arms after the stickiness of the humidity.  The distant rumbles of thunder are strangely soothing.  But I worry that one of them might come down looking for me, and so I’m inside.  Also, I am exhausted, and I need to go to bed much earlier than I have been.  But still…I dream of one day having a gloriously wide wrap-around porch, from which I might sit with a cup (or a pot) of tea and enjoy the wonders of an evening summer storm.

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