Sexy voices rock my world

Andy Garcia’s voice makes my heart go pitty-pat…  There’s just something about his deep, gruff, velvet voice that is so appealing.  My children rented “Beverly Hills Chiuaua” and I just kept imagining what Garcia would look like, with Drew Barrymore, if the leads were not dogs.  Thank goodness I have a vivid imagination.

His is not the only voice that makes me quiver.  Antonio Banderas… Robert Downey Jr. … Robert Pattinson… Mandy Patinkin… Patrick Stewart…  Vin Diesel…  Nicolas Cage…  Will Smith…  Denzel Washington…  Patrick Dempsey…  Josh Lucas… of course, the Old Spice Guy.  I tend to lean toward (non-Canadian) accents when they are present.  Exotic.  And uniforms… give me a good-looking man in a uniform, and I’m his.  Toss in the accent, and I’m in a puddle on the floor.

Now, is it important to see the faces?  Well, judging from my attentiveness to BHC, no.  I could be listening to them on the radio, and be purring.

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