Working when working…

So, school has started once more… which means I have gone back to my regular job, in addition to my primary job as a parent. I try to think of it that way, that being a parent is my first vocation, to try to prevent teaching from taking over my life (as it has done in the past)… Putting my children first. But this year, something is different. I have a short novel that will be in print next year. And as I consider it a prequel to the longer novel I’m in the middle of writing, I want to get the latter done. The hard part, when school is on again and I’m suddenly thrown back into double-shift, is making the time. I try to write after the kids are in bed, but in the past week, the will has been outdone by the drain of the jobs. And yet my characters are in a holding pattern – I want to go back to them, take them to the next step I can see in my head… so I must prioritize. But it’s so painful to spend such a short amount of time with them! I hate being pulled out of that world, it’s a dash of cold water when you’re sunbathing, or a jerk on the seatbelt while napping as your husband (or partner) drives. I have to get myself over that… I have some friends who are already asking me to show them what I have so far, and I have an idea that might spin the longer novel (sort-of sequel) in a slightly different direction, by changing the age and relationship of a single character… but at the moment, dishes are needing to be done, lunches to be made, laundry to be folded and put away, marking is already a small pile… I should make it a resolution to write a page a day, I’ve told myself that before time and again. But it’s like when I was smoking… the addiction calls and it’s hard to beat!

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