Hello, Kobo!

I’m so happy! My very own e-reader just arrived in the mail – incredibly quick, and I love the look of it. Kind of wish that I had actually sprung for the case, though – I fear for getting scratches. And I was hoping that more of my pdf purchases would transfer – I’m going to try using a memory card, so I can put my Outlander series on it. I flipflopped back and forth for the longest time – Kobo, or Sony, or Ipad? What a price difference, I know… And I’m not especially keen on Kindle, I don’t like the keyboard a whole lot. I’m happier with something more simple. And the iPad – I’m holding out a bit longer for generation 2.

I’m liking the fonts on the Kobo, though the screen is a bit darker than I had thought. Probably to reduce eyestrain. I’m going to enjoy carrying it in my purse, though – easy reading, whenever and wherever, right?

Plus, I’ve read reviews on both Kobo and iPad – I like that the Kobo is antiglare for reading outside, and I know that outdoor use is one of the iPad’s weaknesses. So there is a method to my madness!


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