Addicted to!

I’m a big Coke drinker to geting with – it’s my main vice.  I rarely drink (though I’d like to learn about wine appreciation); I don’t smoke; I don’t do drugs or hang out with those who do (though I support the legalization of marijuana – prohibition hasn’t been terribly successful, has it?)… I drink Coke.  It used be Pepsi, but when I was pregnant with my first child, I avoided all caffeine assiduously, and then I just found Coke tasted better.  It’s funny, there are a few foods I can’t have anymore, my tastebuds changed.  Anyhoo…  now, Coke has a promotional thing – if you buy a bottle or box or 2 litre you can get points and redeem them for iTunes credits.  I am enjoying this immensely!  I love my iTunes, and now I might get a free song or something else almost as good, by getting my daily dose of carbonated caffeinated sugar water.  Woot!

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