Coming out of the depths of winter…

So we’re emerging from the frozen core of the season… which helps me to come out of the deep depression I’ve been in (again). I have neglected this blog, in part because I have chronic depression, as well as SAD, which make my work as a parent and a teacher even more challenging at this time of year. It helps to have my “prosthetic” – my anti-depressants which give me back my balance, restoring the chemical which is missing in my brain. I can trace my periods of moderate to severe depression back to the age of ten, but I wasn’t diagnosed or regulated by medication until seven years ago. I’ve tried yoga and meditation, on their own and with the medication, and I find that the combination does work the best for me. I also take comfort in knowing that there are other successful, intelligent people out there – past and present – who live and cope with depression. I do find that romance novels help in a lot of ways. They’re a temporary escape, especially when you can’t afford a real getaway to someplace hot and tropical…(Poolboy, I’m waiting for my mimosa… Poolboy?)

So, on positive notes… We’re getting more sunshine now, in my part of the world; we’re two weeks from March Break, and we’ve even had a few days of temperatures above zero celsius. My marking load has improved since we changed semesters, so I am optimistic that I can finish my full novel by June, if I work on it a little at a time. My original goal was to have it finished by New Years, but that’s okay. The birthdays are done, the holidays are done for a while (excepting Easter / Ostara, but that’s some time away) (and St. Patrick’s Day); the kids have their activities (karate, guitar, dance, and swimming)… what makes it tougher also, is my husband’s absence for school. He is studying to be a paramedic, and comes home on weekends. But my writing does make me happy, so I must do more of it.

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