Spring Break is approaching!

I dearly wish that I could take my family some place hot and tropical this spring, or at least to a fun place away from home.  Two years ago, we all went to Toronto over a few days of March Break, and visited the Ontario Science Centre.  They had a terrific time.  Unfortunately, my husband is still in school becoming a paramedic, so we’re on my income only, plus a significant portion of that is supporting his education – the good news is, his course is paid for, but the bad news is that it’s costing an astronomical amount in gas for the car – he must travel an hour and a half every day, one way.  Instead of three hours of driving he’s been trying to stay some nights with a friend, which does help, but he can’t always do that.  So we’re trapped by circumstance (like so many others, I know)…  I also realized that I’m whining, when I am lucky to get the week off at all – the majority of parents in my community don’t get time off at March Break.  I should be grateful just to get the time.  And I am – I’ll be able to do some decent spring cleaning.  It’s just hard when you hear colleagues talking about their plans for travel.  And students – a lot of parents who are able to take the time off will travel with their children, too.  I wonder what the statistics are, for numbers going on vacation for a week?

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