It’s not really a disease, of course; I just tend to function better at night, when the world is quiet and dark.  I get frustrated by this – I must sleep.  But insomnia has plagued me off and on since I was a child; I sleep when I shouldn’t and then cannot rest when I should.  Like now – it’s close to midnight, it’s garbage day tomorrow, plus work, plus children, and all I want to do is keep planning because for some strange reason planning is fun for me.  The children are in bed; the dishes need doing, though, laundry waits, marking… but exhaustion is hovering behind me, too.  I will fall into bed, dreading the quick arrival of morning – I do not like short nights.  I would rather stay up and up, than get fewer than 8 hours, which is not a good idea and an eccentric thought.  But logically, I know it makes more sense to sleep.  So, I will feed the fish, turn off the lights, brush my teeth, put in my night-guard to protect what is left of my molars, and engage my meditative breathing.  And the world will spin on through the darkness.

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