Achieved a goal: 40,000 words!

When I first started working on my current novel, I was aiming to satisfy some of the criteria provided by Harlequin for their paranormal romance line, Nocturne. One of those criteria was a length of 40,000 words. I ended up completing the novella prequel first, a more modest length of 20,000 words (I think – when I get my MacBook back from repair I can check for the precise word count, because I do like to be specific), but as I never heard back from that publisher I shopped around for others. I was ans am very happy that Melange Books accepted the novella, and immediately set about continuing my work on the full-sized novel which will follow Mist and Midnight. In the back of my mind, I kept that figure as a goal, though – 40,000 words, enough for a printed novel of standard length in this genre. And as of last night, I passed that goal with much more to do – I am getting closer to the climax, but there is still character development, the conflict between the protagonists…or, in non-English teacher terms, my main characters Rayvin and Grant still have many issues to work out, such as their rampant attraction for each other warring with their distrust of each other. I know there is a night of talk coming, then a quarrel, love making, and then the peak moment… I almost wish I could just work on it all night, but as a mom and a partner, I can’t. Plus, I get frustrated sometimes using my iPad to type; I really, really miss my MacBook for writing. But still…if I didn’t have it, I would not have met my goal, and surpassed it.


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