Just finished a short novel for Hallowe’en anthology!

In the middle of continuing the novel which follows Mist and Midnight (Midnight Thirsts Anthology, Melange Books), I took some time out last week to work on something completely different. I was beginning to experience some writer’s block and I have heard and read that many writers have more than one project on the go, so when a block happens they keep momentum. It works, at least for me. And now I have something to submit to my publisher for consideration in August, (after editing, of course), which is incredibly encouraging.

I also started going back through this full-length novel to revise, in order to avoid head-hopping. I am terribly guilty of this. But I remind myself that the first draft is to complete the story, get the ideas down, and then I can flesh it out. Well, I’m kind of combining things because as I revise, getting rid of the hopping, I am also fleshing, but it’s a great review of what I’ve already written. Getting my head back in the game, as it were. I wrote a brief action scene last week and I know where it’s going to go from there, but then I got stuck…wrote the Hallowe’en romance…started revising… See, I think revision might be my Achilles’ heel, I may have to mark the place where I left off and just keep moving forward, or I will never get it done! I have a four friends who are reading it as I go, helping me with feedback, and they are frustrated because I’ve left them hanging. Having readers is helpful, I think, because it pushes me to have that momentum. Jen, Kate, Sandi, Crystal, thank you so much!

One more quick note: I held my first printed paperback copy yesterday, which was awesome! Such a huge lift. I showed it to a few people (carefully, because it’s going to my friend Sandi with a message and signature), and that was amazing, so much fun! I may end up having a signing at a new local store, which has offered to carry some copies on their shelves. I am so pleased, it’s all so worthwhile.

And the Hallowe’en romance scared my mom when she read…that’s kind of fun, too. Love you, Mom.

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