Reading Mila Ramos / Jade Mystique’s Blog

I’m enjoying the posts provided by my fellow authors at Melange Books. I love Mila’s blog, too – the look of it is beautiful.

As a first time professional writer, I am learning about the necessity and practicalities of marketing and promotion. I rather enjoy the challenge, but I have a natural shyness to overcome. I’ve been reading articles and checking out examples to get ideas. I’ve brought a copy of my book to a local store, which will carry it on the shelves. My husband suggested a highway billboard, which is more than my budget can handle. I’m considering a press release, but how does one do that when one is using a pseudonym? Of course, the pen name was outed when I went into that store!

In the meantime, as well as considering promotional ideas, I am working through a difficult point in my long novel, book 1 of the Talbot Trilogy, and coming up with a title for the Hallowe’en Romance I am submitting to Melange Books for their Hallowe’en Treats Anthology. And I have many ideas itching to get put on virtual paper. Plus, cleaning up for my mother-in-law’s visit next weekend, and general parenting and chores. As well as keeping up with my fitness regimen so I can shed some pounds for the fall. And my brain is starting to click into teacher mode — in a few weeks, I will have to go into the school and get ready for first semester. I dropped everything after my brother got hurt (he’s home from the hospital now, on the mend after almost two months in the Sunnybrook burn unit), so getting back into my classroom will mean beginning with organization I normally complete at the end of the second term. Lots to do, only so much me. In the middle of it all, my writing is my refuge. It’s so much easier, and satisfying, to lose myself in the world I create. I have enormous guilt issues, though, especially when I spend a day working on my book and the laundry doesn’t get put away, my daughter’s room needs cleaning up (again), and other chores go undone. My husband is supportive, and the children only care about how much attention I give them, personally. But still…

I hate feeling pulled in so many directions at once.

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