Screenplay Dreams

Next to writing books, I would dearly love to write a screenplay and cast my favourite actors from Lost Girl in it. Rick Howland, you would have a huge role, ’cause you’re just awesome. I would love to adapt Robin McKinley’s “The Blue Sword” and film it all in Canada, because it absolutely could be done here. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

I’m such a movie buff, not as hardcore as some but enough that I entertain my colleagues mightily with my ability to retain enormous amounts of trivia. When I’m working on my books, or play scripts, I see it in my mind as a film playing out just for me.

Internet, why do people insist on remaking films that were perfectly fine the first time around? Or messing with a product that fans like perfectly well? (George, I’m looking at you!) I cannot believe that Hollywood is that hard up for ideas…sometimes, the B-titles are better, simply for their originality and willingness to take risks. Last night my hubby and I watched a fun satire called “But I’m a Cheerleader!”, which looked at those places that try to “turn” homosexuals into straight people. I want to write about things like that, push my boundaries, and maybe make a movie that will push others’ boundaries. Make people think.

5 thoughts on “Screenplay Dreams

  1. B.J. Baye says:

    The thing to remember about Hollywood is that it’s the suits that make the decisions. That’s a big difference from fiction writing. Sure, publishers are a business and they have to pick books and stories they think they’ll sell, but the editors that look at submissions at least often know good writing when they see it.

    When it comes to Hollywood, the ones that decide what movies get made aren’t writers and actually care very little about writing. They look for ‘what can we make the most money on?’ So, they often turn to remakes of old hits assuming they’ll be guaranteed a certain income.

    The indie filmmakers, on the other hand, are where you’ll often find movies with fantastic writing and very thought-provoking stuff. They can also often get away with dealing with subject matter Hollywood executives wouldn’t let anywhere near their movies.


    • You’re absolutely right, BJ…I say Hollywood, when really I should specify “film industry”. And I agree that independent films are the ones with better writing. I want to make a movie one day for the same reason I write: it’s not about the profit, it’s about pride in my story. Sharing my ideas. Making people feel something in what I’ve written. If I can make some money, that’s great, of course! But it’s not my priority. I just want to make my mark on the world.


  2. I get you completely. I am a big fan of TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and 99% of the time I prefer the old movie to the new (though not necessarily in the case of Red Dust and Mogambo). That wouldn’t be so bad, but there are so many fresh ideas and artists out there. Do we really need to see another romantic comedy with slapstick and bathroom humor?
    Maybe its a sign I’m getting old LOL


    • You’re absolutely right…there’s a lot of rehashing, and it’s just to make more money for people who already have it. Well, maybe I’m over-simplifying. But still, when you look at the talent out there in the independent film industry, the movies that appear in film festivals but never get picked up for wide release…there are some real gems. We tend to rent B-titles, looking for those decent, interesting stories. I think there’s something to be said for a film maker who has a new take on a film, a different interpretation on the idea, like Tim Burton’s Willy Wonka, but then it has to be totally different and not just an update on style.


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