Inspiration from candlelight in winter…

Inspiration from candlelight in winter...

In summer, I sit at the picnic table feeling my back burning from the sun, trying to imagine what it will be like in winter when the snow is knee-deep. The candles remind me that the light will come back. Eventually.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration from candlelight in winter…

  1. tarafoxhall says:

    This is so beautiful, tori! I’ll have to light some candles tomorrow night 🙂


    • Thanks! I have a few more, on the baker’s rack in the middle of the window. When the sun starts going down, it just feels nice to have the flames there… We’re almost to Candlemas / Imbolc, when the light is really noticeable again. I started lighting candles in the window last winter, while I was doing dishes — I find it’s just helpful, in an energizing way. In the dark, the little flames are mirrored against the glass, and it’s incredibly heartening. I have to find some longer-burning, lead-free votives, though — I don’t like buying the cheap ones at the dollar store. Not many alternatives around here, however. When I was in university, and close to big-name craft stores, I used to buy beeswax sheets and make my own candles. I miss doing that.


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