Just an update :)

I am going to try out this app, by writing some short books for my kiddies…particularly, a story for my daughter on staying in her own bed all night. I’m excited to try developing a (short) interactive e-book. But it’s not top priority, though I’m tempted (a while back, I posted my wish to focus on my writing career; still there! Teaching is great, but it would be so lovely to focus on writing, only…sorry, I digress.); I have final marking for the semester to complete, exams coming, and the first novel of the Talbot Trilogy to finish editing and revising, plus the second novel in the series to bloody finish writing. In addition to parenting, and spousing (is that a word?), trying to keep up with the house, battling my depression, addressing all the million details of life. It’s those details that, in part, inform my creativity. So I should embrace them, right?

Cheers, everyone.



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