One more quick thought: Places I’d Like to Visit

Prompted by an ad I just saw for Newfoundland & Labrador… I would love to go there, some day. And then I was thinking of other places…here’s my list:

Bermuda (I went there for a week when I was in grade 10; I’d like to go back, as an adult)
Gettysburg (same as above — when I was in high school, I was able to visit on a tour but I’d like to go back and spend more time.)
San Francisco
New York City — actually, I’d like to live there for a year. Just for the experience. Again, I visited there in high school. Fantastic trip.
Scotland (anywhere close to the Highlands)
Ireland (anywhere!)
I’d love to do the Harry Potter tour in England…hell, just to live for a year in England, period, would be fantastic. Go to Stonehenge, shop at Herrod’s, visit haunted castles and celtic ruins…
Greece (anywhere, really)
I’d love to visit Mayan ruins… the Forbidden City in China… help with a dinosaur dig…

My husband would like to go to Iceland. I wouldn’t mind…hell, I’d love to sit in a hot spring for a few hours right now!

Oh, yes, and bringing the kids along, we’d do that. It would also be great to go and build a school together, do some volunteer work. (*singing in my head, “If I had a million dollars…”)

I totally understand why retirees travel so much — it’s difficult when you have children, obligations of home and work. It takes a really special person or couple to be able to travel and parent. Or enough money to hire help!

As a writer, I would love to travel the world for research, to gain experience, to write in different places…on the beach in the Rivieria… at the Taj Mahal in India… sitting on the Great Wall of China.

In other words… I don’t want to spend my whole life watching the world through camera lenses. I want to see it for myself. And write about it.

It would probably help if I actually had my passport, though.


2 thoughts on “One more quick thought: Places I’d Like to Visit

  1. tarafoxhall says:

    Get your passport 🙂 It’s the first step to making your dreams come true.

    I would also like to visit Europe. But I’d be content just going back to the Everglades, or to New Orleans, too 🙂


    • I took a step tonight… I actually looked at the form online and started filling it out! Unfortunately, I can’t find my birth certificate, though I think I know where it is…cross your fingers!

      Ooo, New Orleans… That would rock. Another place I’d like to go, definitely.


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