Praise for “Telltale Signs” in Spellbound (Melange Books)

This story is written with the heroine as narrator relating her experiences. (Is that a European thing?) It certainly works for her. The story blended suspense with a snap shot of the likeable heroine and her life. Being alone in the dark is a universal fear for everybody. Your imagination can be your biggest enemy. (Dennis K. Hausker, fiction writer)

John Steiner reviews Spellbound

Some of the best horror and scare is to terrify readers with what they don’t see. This takes careful build up of seemingly mundane events priod to the main setting, and then shape that main event carefully with as much description as a sculpter on a statue. An accumulation of details great and small create a mental map and the reader starts to see where everything is in relation to everything else. They can trace their way back to the front door or point to where the stairs are though they’re out of view at a given moment of the story. Here then you introduce bits and pieces to slowly dial up the audience’s heart rate and put them on the edges of their seats. Tori Ridgewood walks you through all of this and controls the pace of your steps brilliantly. A perfect moodsetter for anyone who enjoys the Halloween [or Hallowe’en] season and likes a little scare every now and then just to feel alive. (John Steiner)

Manic Readers Review of Spellbound 2011!

Telltale Signs– Kate Elliot is living her dream. She’s landed a job as assistant curator of Dark Lake North Museum and launching her first big event; Ghosts of a Mining Town. Eerie artifacts, unexplained occurrences, and ghostly encounters are the center of the exhibition set to open on Halloween. She’s been working furiously with her student volunteers to make this a success. There are a million and one little details to be attended to before opening, that’s why she’s going to be there alone on Halloween Eve. Kate doesn’t believe in ghosts but that belief is about to be challenged.

Telltale Signs is the scariest love story included. In the past the Dark Lake North Museum was a private home and later a nursing home, it’s also an incredibly creepy place to be alone at night. No need to worry, her hunky firefighter boyfriend Harley is a call away, or so Kate thinks. Kate experiences a multitude of terrifyingly spine chilling events and manifestations. Is this really happening or is her sanity in question? Will Harley rescue Kate before she totally loses it? You’ll just have to read Telltale Signs for yourself to find out.