Five star review for “Mist and Midnight” (Midnight Thirsts Anthology)!

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This short vampire story immediately draws you in. The witch heroine Charlotte and the hunky hero Pike first see each other at a train station. The chemistry is instantaneous. Yet Charlotte is on the run from a villainous vampire, so she rebuffs Pike, instead intent on making a new safe haven for herself in the small town of Talbot. Yet neither she nor Pike can take their minds off one another, even as the vampire hunting her comes in for the kill.
This story surprised me. I liked that. There are many vampire stories that seem to be carbon copies of one another. I liked that the hero and heroine weren’t afraid to get caught up in the heat of the moment, and that the magic (as in spells) felt real to me. The pacing was great, the sex was hot, and the characters seemed very real and unforced. The story was realistic, in that I could believe in the events taking place, even if they were supernatural in origin. My only problem was I didn’t understand why the vampire was after her (specifically how he had located her in the first place before she arrived in Talbot, and arrived at his desire to possess her), and exactly who he was (I wanted name, age, nationality, and a lot more details). My curiosity is definitely piqued, though! I look forward to more vampire novels from Ms. Ridgewood…soon please? (Tara Fox Hall)