Happy Litha — Welcome Back to Summer!

Hey, readers!

No excuse — I have neglected you. Life has kept me on my toes, between going with my students to the Sears Drama Festival in April, writing some short stories for various anthologies (excerpts for which I will post shortly), and work, work, work. But I have taken a break from today’s yard work, laundry, and exam marking to get back to you. Friends again?

Good news! Tomorrow, I will be featured as a guest blogger on http://ameliacurzonblogger.wordpress.com/ — please stop by, leave a comment, I’d appreciate it. The theme is “Issues I am Passionate About”.

More goodies: My zombie flash fictions, “Brain Games” and “Bio-Zombie”, will be published soon in the anthology A Quick Bite of Flesh (Hazardous Press). Also, my alternate history short, “Thy Will Be Done” — a retelling of events during the Salem Witch Trials — will be featured in the online magazine, Dark Moon Books, hopefully by fall. Once I have the publishing dates confirmed, I will post them here.

Happy reading! (And, check out the new excerpts from “Brain Games”, “Bio Zombie”, and “Thy Will Be Done” — leave a comment, love to see what you think!)

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