New Release: Midnight Thirsts II

It’s out! Midnight Thirsts II, with my short story “A Living Specimen”, is available now through Lulu, Amazon, and the publisher, Melange Books.

Praise from author John Steiner for “A Living Specimen”:

First let me say I love stories with peculiar titles that have one wondering why they were chosen. As an author I strive for that in my chapter titles and, at times, the title for the whole story. The story starts with our confused and traumatized main character giving her best recollection of events. The workings of a necessarily short and brilliantly enrapturing prologue.
As the story goes on and we learn more of Trisha and her work in something called S.H.I.P. or otherwise referred to as the Society. Along the way my mind kept going back to that opening scene, and what the hell did just happen. Tori’s characters each have their uniqueness that is coupled with a surface impression from Trisha’s view and inner complexity that works itself out through the story.
Just when you think you’ve got things figured out suddenly you’re reevaluating everything you’ve seen so far. Then you’re hit again with surprises. “A Living Specimen” simultaneously drew me back to the vampire stories filmed by Britain’s Hammer Films in the 1960’s and 1970’s as well as to Josh Wheaton’s “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” television series, both of which I have fond memories for. There’s a homy feel to the collection of characters the relationships between them and a little Wheatonesque humor. Also enjoyable is the climactic scene with detailed description meant for revelation and heightened adrenalin.
For clever plot, well flushed out characters, pithy quips and good old fashioned nightcrawlers you would NOT bring home to meet your parents I give this a solid five stars.


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