Strange lights in the sky…not fire, but what?

A few nights ago, a massive solar storm treated much of the northern hemisphere to a spectacular light show. I didn’t know how far spread the phenomenon was until I started seeing friends report it on Facebook. I ran into my backyard to see whether anything was visible from the middle of town, and indeed, I was able to see a smudge of colour across the sky. Not a lot, but enough to make me happy.

And then one of my friends reported seeing a meteor in the sky. Way cool! She told me the next day that as she and her fiancé watched, it disappeared over the northwest horizon, and then there was a massive glow over the tree-line, as though an explosion had taken place somewhere.

Nothing reported in the news.

AND THEN…another friend, hours to the north-west, reported (the next day) seeing an orb in the sky during the aurora. And it wasn’t just him — it was the whole population of Attiwapiskat.

Confirmation has come in from others who were outside and away from bright town lights, including hunters, that there was something in the sky, not necessarily like a meteor. It was all that his students could talk about in the classroom the next day, and a woman called into Morning North on the CBC that day to report it, but was told it was likely a meteor.

Yet nothing has been reported in the news that I have found.

I think there is a big difference between a moving light clearly recognizable as a chunk of space debris streaking to its fiery end, and a recognizable shape like an orb. It’s a mystery and it’s bugging me! I want to know whether a meteor made impact, or exploded in the lower atmosphere, but I’m also very curious about the other potential sighting… So, if anyone has anything, please post it!

And keep an eye on the sky… 😉

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