In the corner of your eye…

When you see movement, or a shadow… A reflection where one should not be… Do you dismiss it? Or investigate?

Do you believe in ghosts?

I’ve shared my story of our haunted house on T. Fox Dunham’s blog, Fox True Ghost Tales Project: — I’d love your comments, and there are many spooky-but-true tales to chill your blood for this Hallowe’en!

5 thoughts on “In the corner of your eye…

  1. B.J. Baye says:

    I know there are ghosts. I don’t think they should be feared any more than living people, however. They’re people, after all. Most are friendly, occasionally you get a bad apple/bully.

    My apartment is haunted. Most often appearing as a shadowy cat, but occasionally more intelligent stuff happens. I used to get woken up regularly by bangs in my closet or the sensation of someone grabbing my leg. So one night I said after hearing a bang in my closet, “I know you want to communicate, and you’re free to try when I’m awake, and I’m happy to listen, but please let me sleep when I’m sleeping.”

    Since then, other than the occasional sense of an animal jumping onto my bed (when the living cats are locked out of my room), I’ve never been woken up by a sensation like that.


  2. Wow! That’s cool — except for the interrupted sleep.

    I fooled around with Ouija boards when I was 13, 14 years old. Never, ever again! It’s like you’re throwing open your door to the neighbourhood and letting anyone in who wants to come… The last time I did one, I burned it outside, because it freaked out my friend. (I used to make them out of paper — just as effective, I found, as the wooden ones.)


  3. Our house, in Swastika, has always the the feeling of a haunting. several people have had experiences in the house when we lived there: my mother, constantly had a tugging on her dress when she was a the sink doing dishes when she visited, Sharon felt gusts of wind down the stairs, I have experienced these that included slamming doors and gusts all the way from the top of the stairs to the lower basement. Once when we had guests our front door that was never use and subsequently always locked, unlatched itself and swung open. Another time I was arranging some flowers in a vase and as it sat on the counter it smashed as if it was shot from the inside. Back to the stairs, my kids did not like the time outs they took on the stairs because of the feeling that someone else was there they could not see. My daughter once expressed an idea of a “feeling that a girl is sitting with me” That is also the impression that my mom got with the tugging. W e also had lights turning on by themselves but remaining in the off position at the switch. I am not saying that the events occurred all the time in the house, we were there for over four years, but they happened enough to make you wonder if there is more to this world than just the physical.


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