Updating Me!

Hi, all!

In between working full-time as a teacher, raising two children, and of course, being a loving and supportive spouse, I write stories about love, vampires, zombies, past, present, future, fiction, non-fiction, and any combination of those categories. I started getting my work published in 2011 (at last!) and am looking forward to more new projects, as well as finishing my current WIPs. 

Here’s a little info about what I’ve got out in the reading world, so far:

Published Works:

“Mist and Midnight” in Midnight Thirsts (Melange Books, 2011) — the prequel novella to my series, The Talbot Trilogy, coming in 2013. In “Mist and Midnight”, Charlotte (artist, witch, fashionable and all-around nice girl) is being stalked by a malevolent, ruthless vampire. She flees to an isolated northeastern Ontario town to hide from him and start over, but her life is complicated further by the advances of tall, dark, and handsome prospector, Pike Mahonen. Charlotte and Pike’s story is continued in Book Two of the Talbot Trilogy: Blood and Fire (currently in progress). More on the trilogy below…
“Telltale Signs” in Spellbound 2011 (Melange Books, 2011) — Kate, a novice curator at the Dark Lake Museum, thinks that it will be beneficial to work late at night in the old mansion to complete her exhibit on ghosts in the area. Little does she know that the ghosts are closer than she’d want them to be! Is it just stress, or is something paranormal happening in the Dark Lake Museum?
“A Living Specimen” in Midnight Thirsts II (Melange Books, 2012) — Full-time student and part-time vampire hunter Trisha has been charged with an unusual mission: find a cheap replacement couch for the staff room of the Society of Hunters and Investigators of the Paranormal. Her training, though extensive, hasn’t prepared her for the complications a simple piece of furniture could bring…but then again, no-one could have predicted the scenario she faces in the most bizarre vampire attack of her career!
“Brain Games” and “Bio-Zombie”, in A Quick Bite of Flesh (Hazardous Press, 2012) — In these flash fiction stories, a teenage girl decides to use a little Haitian magic to solve her relationship problems, and in a dystopian future, humanity’s greatest weapon against robot soldiers suddenly becomes a terrible threat to the survival of the species.
“Thy Will Be Done” in Dark Eclipse Digest #16 (Dark Moon Books, 2012) — An imaginative, visceral retelling of the Salem Witch Trials, in which the goddess Hecate has a word with the judges in the community about their actions.  
“Tabitha’s Solution” in Having My Baby (Melange Books, 2012) — First-time mother Tabitha is a week past her due date and is willing to try almost anything to get things moving! A poignant and humorous look at love, marriage, delivery, and desperation in pregnancy.

Coming Soon!
Wind and Shadow: Book One of the Talbot Trilogy, April 2013 — Photographer and natural witch Rayvin Woods has come back to her hometown in northeastern Ontario to start her life over again, little knowing that the malevolent and ruthless vampire Malcolm de Sade, imprisoned in an abandoned mine at the end of “Mist and Midnight”, is about to break free and wreak havoc on the community. After her best friend Andrea is attacked by de Sade, Rayvin has no other choice but to turn to her high school crush, policeman Grant Michaels, for help. But the vampire has more planned than simply feeding on a town full of people — he’s set on breeding a new type of supernatural creature, and he has Rayvin in mind to help him, whether she wants to or not.


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