Snow falling on Ostara

The equinox is a powerful day, whether it’s observed through the lens of spirituality or as a layperson. The arrival of spring, even if it’s only in the calendar sense, is welcomed by most, especially after a long and challenging winter.

In my part of the world, we still have a lot of snow. (I think I’ve been talking about that a great deal lately…we’re in the middle of the fifth month of blank landscape and cold weather.) And I know that further to the south, recent storms have dumped more white stuff than people expected or wanted. Not an auspicious start to the season of warmth and growth.

But this morning I heard the birds calling through the flurries. And the roads were clearing again, bit by bit. The air is softer on exposed skin, and the winds are less chilling. Winter may be fighting back, but it is losing once again.

I wanted to celebrate Ostara with a clean house, planting seeds in preparation for gardening, meditating, and painting eggs. I will admit a twinge of envy for those who are able to hold ritual festivities outdoors, lighting fires and scenting the freshness of rich earth. But I’ve been reading The Secret Garden with my daughter, and because it’s been years, I’d forgotten how much that book is about the spring — its descriptions of the thawing of the earth and reviving of life are vivid, beautiful, and inspiring. Sharing this story, little by little, in the weeks before and after Ostara is a ritual in itself. I can picture reading this story with my daughter every spring, in honour of new beginnings and fresh starts.

However you look at the first day of spring, wherever you are, I hope that you are feeling the change of the season with all of your being.

2 thoughts on “Snow falling on Ostara

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    A very lovely blog 🙂


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