Aftereffects: Zombie Therapy by Zane Bradey


Well, whatever I was expecting to read from my initial impression of the title, I was pleasantly surprised by Aftereffects. It’s a refreshing, deceptively layered, and exquisitely detailed look at a zombie apocalypse, from more than one perspective. It was like 28 Days Later and the Walking Dead meets CSI, NCIS, and Criminal Minds, with a dash of Alfred Hitchcock for added zest and skin-crawling irony. For someone like me with a morbid and twisted sense of humour, the creativity with which the author treated zombie attacks, the perspective of the zombies themselves, and the motivation and actions of the protagonist, a zombie psychiatrist, were absolutely compelling reading. I wish the story hadn’t ended when it did — I would have liked to have known who was behind the mysterious camera keeping tabs on things throughout. (I won’t add anymore, for fear of being spoiler-ish.)

I highly recommend Aftereffects for anyone who enjoys a bloody good zombie read. You’ll barely be able to put this one down, I guarantee it.


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