First full day spent outside — hooray!

Although the yard is still very soggy, it didn’t take as long as I’d feared to clear up all the doggy poopy from our long winter, and then I was able to do some gardening. I worry that it might still be a bit early, but after seeing the weeds gleefully taking hold in the garden patch, and the ferns starting out front, I decided to take a chance. I put in some bulbs and seeds, and then did some potted plants and seeds in eggshells.





Beltane will be upon us in a few days. Let’s hope that the rest of the snow will melt away by then!

2 thoughts on “First full day spent outside — hooray!

  1. Lauren says:

    Looks great — good luck! And your seed packets are so pretty! Nice. : )


    • Thanks, Lauren! I’m crossing my fingers — we may not be out of the frost season yet. But at least I’m getting ahead and starting earlier than I normally do. I’m also hoping to pick up a few saplings for the backyard later in June: a lilac and a cherry or crabapple tree. 😀


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