Book Release, Interrupted

As I wait to see whether Wind and Shadow will be released tomorrow — it likely will be pushed back another few days, just to make sure that it is perfect — I’ve been catching up on my new favourite show, Castle, and contemplating the adventure I’ve begun. I never dreamed that getting this book together would take so much effort, and it’s only the first of the trilogy!

At times, I’ve even wondered why I was putting myself through all of this — endless rounds of edits, the frustration of finding errors that should have been so easy to pinpoint and fix the first time, communicating with my editor and publisher across a distance (and appreciating their time and patience in helping to tighten the manuscript) — on top of the stress and workload of my day job. And parenting. And supporting my spouse with what he needs and wants to do with his time.
When Wind and Shadow is released, I do hope that people enjoy it. I’m finding that having my first full novel coming out is more nerve-wracking than being part of an anthology. Thank goodness I have so many incredibly supportive friends. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

When I first started writing this novel, I knew it would be a trilogy because it wasn’t going to fit itself neatly into one volume. And as it took shape, I quickly realized I was writing my own answer to Twilight, a series I do enjoy but am also able to critique. But it is also a love letter to one of my favourite communities and regions in Ontario, an homage to a mythology I find absolutely fascinating, and it expresses my appreciation of an ancient spirituality.

Bear with me as the final bugs are worked out, and the book is finally introduced to the world. And stay in touch as I work through edits and revisions of Book 2, and write Book 3 (hopefully this summer).

It is my fervent wish and desire that whoever reads it (and loves vampires, witches, Halloween, magick, passion, and romance) will love it.

Cross your fingers that Wind and Shadow is ready for release this week!



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