Old paper, faded lines
marred by rusty paperclips
Scrawls made in lead 42
Blocky figures and colours
Applied outside the lines

These are my journals

Fragments of childhood
Moments captured
Memories framed
Pieces of heartbreak and joy
Shaped into words
Entrusted to the paper


A match would destroy them
A deluge render them useless
But still they exist
Proof of survival
Of an ordinary childhood

What is “ordinary”?

Loving parents
Being teased
Playmates, companions
Bullies stealing possessions
Excitement entrancing
Let downs crushing

Like yesterday

Old pain, faded little
Eased by time and experience
I see myself at 9, 11, 13
I wish for a time machine.


One thought on “(untitled)

  1. iceprincess552 says:

    ❤ LOVE!! ❤


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