Book Review: I am GooGol

I am Googol cover

I really like the concepts in this sci-fi/fantasy. The artistry is great, and the build-up to the next books in the series is intriguing. I wasn’t entirely clear on who was narrating, at times. I found it reminded me of stories produced by Gene Roddenberry, and films like Gattaca, and Johnny Mneumonic, and the recent tv series Continuum, all in its favour — I enjoy dystopian future stories, I find them fascinating.

I think a young adult would definitely get into this series, and I plan to share it with my son. I think he’ll love it!

*Addendum: I had my nearly-thirteen-year-old read it, and this is what he said:

“I enjoyed it a lot. It was creative, a good blend of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Day of the Triffids. I’m definitely looking forward to the second volume!”

I should note that watching him read it, listening to his commentary as he went through it, was absolutely delightful. For these reasons — his review, and my enjoyment of watching him read it — I decided to give this book two more stars.

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