Journey with me in Placing Literature!

Journey with me in Placing Literature!

placingliterature enables readers to map the locations of books set in real towns, cities, parks, etc. This month, my work has been included in their spotlight! 


The setting of the Talbot Trilogy is based on the real town of Cobalt, Ontario. Clicking on the bookmarks in the map will take you to the locations that inspired key events, characters, and places in the series. I write about places I love, so it’s a real privilege to make these places visible to you as well. 


Throughout the month, I’ll be adding to my virtual tour of the places used in Wind and Shadow, its prequel novella Mist and Midnight, and the locations coming up in Book Two: Blood and Fire (coming February 12) and the final instalment, Book Three: Crystal and Wand (coming summer 2014). I’m looking forward to your comments along the way!


2 thoughts on “Journey with me in Placing Literature!

  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks for sharing this Tori!
    I had seen this site before but couldn’t find the map, I’m glad you blogged it, now I see!

    Such a cool tool. Especially if you’re going on vacation somewhere and want to read a book about the area first. Or want to read a book that takes place where you live!


    • You’re welcome, Caroline — I’m glad you found it handy! I can’t wait to explore more of it. My daughter and I have been reading Little House tonight, and I want to search up some of those locations as well. 😀


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