Things to Do after NaNoWriMo Ends

It is done. I hit my goal, as so many of my fellow NaNoWriMites did, and now I am feeling… A bit freefallish? A bit “what do I do now?”, especially as it’s 2:35 in the AM and I want to celebrate instead of sleep. I started to think: what is there to do, post-NaNo?

-consider rewriting the ending of the book tomorrow
startplan holiday shopping
-properly clean the house
-catch up on non-writing paperwork
-do edits
-eat chocolate pastries (DONE!)
-sleep for three days (sob)
-send chapters to beta reader(s) for feedback
-change ending again
-check details like eye and fur colour
-put up Christmas/ Yule decorations
-plan child’s birthday party that is in a week
-shop for child’s birthday
-catch up on laundry
-sleep more
-get outside for fresh air

I’m open to more suggestions! Meanwhile other projects continue on: I’m directing a play for kids that will debut in mid-December so need to work on rehearsals and props, ads and ticket sales, plus marking and lesson planning, a birthday, Christmas…

Sleep sounds good. Yes.