The virus has me. I face a conundrum.

Yesterday was skating and skiing and fun.

Today was misery: solid sinuses, fever, chills, muscle aches, sore eyes, coughing, upset stomach, the whole bit. Spent the whole day in bed, sleeping off and on, trying to get and stay comfortable. And now I question whether to try to go into work tomorrow. If I stay home, there are a series of steps to follow, and I can take the time right now to go through them. But what if I wake up and feel fine? I can’t remember whether I’d booked computer labs for Monday’s classes. Staying home produces as much anxiety as the possibility of trying to get through tomorrow feeling like I’ve been run down by a truck.

I brought home a bag full of marking again, fully expecting to be able to get through it all today. Nope.

I finished editing my friend’s novel this morning, and by the end of it my eyes felt like rusted orbs in an overcrowded skull.

Even my ears hurt. Whenever I have a fever, that’s the first thing I notice: I feel a burning sensation in my ears.

My hubby and kids have been very good to me, giving me space and bringing me liquids, soup for supper, keeping quiet. I heard him getting stuck in the driveway this afternoon and felt badly that I couldn’t get out there to help. Why do I always feel so guilty when my body rebels against me?

6:46 pm. Decisions need to be made. I really want my feet rubbed for any kind of comfort that will give me. I tried Buckley’s this morning, and Neo Citran is coming up next. If I decide to stay home in case I don’t feel any better, I have to start making those arrangements shortly.

Viruses suck. While I was tossing and turning earlier in the day, I kept imagining something more creative with this post, writing from the virus’s perspective maybe. But I haven’t got it in me.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.


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