Dropped my sugar cube in the toaster.


I unplugged the machine and tried to fish the sugar cube out but the little bastard dropped further down into the guts where I cannot access it. I pulled the tray out of the bottom and tried poking it into pieces with a knife but tilting the toaster back only made it slide out of reach. Now there are crumbs all over my counter. I have also come to realize that the last few times Hubby made whatever in the frying pan it spattered grease on the toaster’s side and never got cleaned up.

This is one of those times when I just want to buy a whole new doggarned toaster. Too many other things to deal with.

Had a good first day of classes. Lessons went well. No major problems. Still not done my exams and found no time in the day to work on them. Brought them home and rapidly ran out of energy; laid down for a short nap (hah!) after supper and the only thing that got me up again was to do this blog.

You, dear reader, pulled me out of my nest of warmth and coziness to tend to business.

I really don’t want to pull an all-nighter. Exhaustion is already making my head buzz again and I just feel off. I wish I could sleep for two days, without any stressors to interrupt or make me start out of slumber.

In the midst of starting classes and wrapping up the semester with exam marking, I still have to thoroughly clean our home for the birthday sleepover around the corner — including in-laws descending — and prepare the 24-Hour Playwriting Challenge that I said I would do in a few weeks. It’s February 20-21. As soon as my exams etc. are done and the birthday is over, I have to get on the advertising and organizational details. I’m looking forward to that, if only I can power through the marking.

The lure of staying up super-late to get through all of the lingering work is strong, because then I’d face the dawn with a clean-ish slate. (I can’t put the final marks in until I feed the exam and course culminating results into MarkBook at school.) And since I did have that long nap, it’s possible I could do it once the kids are in bed. And Hubby. It’s to my advantage, also, that he’s got the day off tomorrow — I won’t be facing the task of getting the kids out of the house on my own.

Speaking of . . . Hubby is now on the task of the sugar cube, and he made sure that the 9 year old got her homework done. The teenager has done his laundry. The animals have been cared for — Elizabeth made a break for “freedom” earlier this evening when I attempted to give her a leash made of ribbon and she wiggled out of it, but she ran for the space in the TV stand where the photo albums are (for once I am grateful that our living room is kind of an obstacle course around the edges! She couldn’t reach the really good hiding spot underneath the stand). I either need to make time to fashion a proper lizard harness from instructions I found online, or order the one I saw on Amazon. Oh, Amazon . . . with your legions of underpaid minions running through warehouses. I feel guilty every time I order on Amazon. Skittles hasn’t had her walk, but she’s had cuddles and treats. And the excitement of watching Elizabeth scurry across the floor.

The sugar cube is free. He used olive tongs to fish it out. Sometimes, it’s just better to leave some problems to the spouse.


Ooh, funny/good moments today, though:

  • when a grade 9 student mentioned, through her giggles, that she’d heard I do an awesome witch’s cackle, so I did it and scared (or scarred) a few of them at the end of class
  • when Elizabeth jumped from my knee to Skittles’ head, and then jumped to the coffee table — the poor dog didn’t know what to think but didn’t freak out, to her credit
  • Hubby’s delicious meatloaf and mashed potatoes — I wish I could have eaten more of it, or eaten it more slowly, it was that good

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