The Hunt for a New Purse

(Seeing as I’ve pulled a very late night, I shall post EARLY today in case I crash completely after work and haven’t the energy to post later . . . well, you get the idea.)

Last year, I was dragging around a rolling backpack for the sake of my lower lumbar and knees and hips. I’m a tall person — gravity is playing havoc with me now. But it wasn’t terribly convenient during field trips or Cons or even runs to the store. I was using handbags for my wallet, but ever since the kids came along, most of the time my purse needs to be roughly the size of a diaper bag to accommodate all the detritus that comes along with being a mom. I’d played with having a messenger bag that would fit both my laptop and my wallet, but when that bag bit the dust, and the backpack got old and squeaky, I picked up a cheap tote while on a field trip and used it through summer and fall. Now it’s halfway through winter, and it’s given up, too.

I’m bag-hunting once again.

I ought to repurpose one of my old purses, or finally make that piece of coat cut from the bottom of my son’s Attack on Titan jacket into a bag — I have the materials, the piece of coat has pockets already on it, and I’ve gotten my sewing machine fixed. But consumerism . . . oh, the lure of finding The Prize, the perfect bag (for now) that will express my personality and fit my stuff.

Oh, my stuff . . .

As I was going through my purse the other day to see if I had any hand cream, I found Off Skintastic lotion from the summer. That’s how often I clean out my purse, folks.

Bags I am considering, from ThinkGeek:

1a1d_bag_of_holding_con-survival_ed_updated hrnq_st_retro_tech_purse 14b2_handbag_of_holding 2062_magical_unicorn_ladies_bag 1df0_geeky_fashion_ladies_bag

I am torn between getting something with lots of pockets and organizational features, in an effort to sort myself out, and just a big empty space for the jumble of items that I know will inevitably happen. Plus, cleaning melted chocolate, gummed up candies, and spilled juice is much easier when the interior is spacious rather than narrow.

I’ve done the mini-backpack, large backpack, messenger, tote, wallet-on-a-strap, and once in high school, I picked up a nifty novelty purse that had a large, working clock on one side. I do like the novelty items. They suit my temperament and cheer me up on harder days. But sometimes I think — I’m a mom, i’m a professional, I should stick to the mature, sensible bags, should I not?

And then there’s the whole reuse-vintage thing. I’m not only a fangirl of pop culture and sci-fi/fantasy, I’m also into historical fiction, particularly Jane Austen and L.M. Montgomery and their ilk. So the carpet bag style appeals to me lately as well. What if I found a way to combine the two? Could I find a carpet patterned with images of my favourite fandoms? Should I shove aside time in my day to make something workable that reflects my love for all things awesome, past and present?

black-velvet-purse-floral-carpet-bag Carpet-Bag-Gucci 7-169 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 6-192

Ugh, this is so painful. It’s almost as bad as choosing a new pair of shoes. Worse, even, because shoes tend to half-hide themselves under the hems of pants (assuming one can find pants long enough).

A few years ago, the trend at my school among adults and students alike was to invest in a pricey, stylish Coach bag. Way out of my price range. But I could see how they attracted consumers — made of leather, pretty hardy, nice to look at. I need something like that, a bag that is preferably water-proof, self-standing so it doesn’t droop if I have to set it down, with a thick strap that won’t slip annoyingly off my shoulder and is long enough to loop over my neck so I have both hands free.

I’m probably over-thinking this, but really, purses aren’t cheap. They can be, but you get what you pay for. I want something that will last, match my personality but also be tasteful, have space, and not break my budget. I feel like anything less than $20 or $30 is going to start falling apart over a matter of months, but I don’t want to pay more than $40 or $50, either.

Anyone out there want to send me a purse?

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