I <3 a onesie!

My mom made me a flannel onesie last year (blue with yellow rubber duckies) and my kids chose another for me this year for Christmas — fleece, this time, light blue and white and grey. At first I wasn’t thrilled with them. I have the issue of the long torso, usually making it uncomfortable to wear one-piece anything.

But I have come to love my onesies.

It’s all a matter of loosening the collar. Once that’s done, I’m as comfy as can be. Changing in and out of it feels rather like being a banana, and the tag on the flannel is in the just the right spot to comfortably scratch my back if I need it to. No waistbands for when I’m feeling bloated, no hem to ride up and leave my legs cold on the couch or in the bed. Just total, complete warmth and coziness.

I’ve seen the onesies with hoods, and of course there’s the baby-style with the feet and the trap door. I’m not sure how I feel about the feet — I think that would cause me issues. As it is, the legs on my fleece tend to rise a little higher than the ankle (Mom gave the flannel onesie extra length for me. I ❤ my mom!), so adding feet would probably get frustrating. That trap door, though — yes, I could do with that.

I might have to write a romance involving the wearing of a long, warm onesie as winter / Canadian / Northern lingerie. It’s not impossible to feel sexy or alluring when you’re neck to ankles in thick fabric! Probably be kind of funny, but how many of us out there can relate?

And it’s not just me — Hubby has one too.

Maybe we should just have matching onesies for the whole family . . .

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