Progress Report: In which I ramble about feeling rough, this damnable winter, blogging, work, romance (very stream of consciousness)

Feeling a bit rough tonight. A cough — a rattly, unpleasant thing that vibrates in the centre of my chest when I inhale and exhale — bringing up a bit of phlegm and a feeling of relief for a few minutes. It’s not a steady cough, but it’s there. Hubby has made me a cup of tea with lots of honey. We’re watching Julie and Julia together.

No progress yet on the Snowmobiling Story. The marking continues on the Flash Fictions, seven more to go. I believe I have turned the halfway point on those.

March 2nd does not feel in any way like March 2nd. We are in the middle of an endless swath of white drifts and blowing crystals. Planet Hoth. I wish we could afford to go somewhere for the spring break, although it’s nice that we’ll be able to ski every day if we want to.

Hubby’s been talking to a friend of his who is a professional blogger. The friend said it’s better to own one’s domain (heh heh, Seinfeld) than to borrow the space from the entity, as I’m doing, because then you can make money for yourself through advertising revenues, rather than (just) making money for the company that hosts. It’s a thought. I showed him my home page, that I’ve been blogging for five years on this platform without issue (although not consistently, which is why I’ve challenged myself to a post every day this year), so he’s like, “Well, just keep doing it then.” But I’ve considered purchasing this blog for a while now, off and on. What do you think? Is it a worthy investment?

If I bought this blog, I could upload video directly. Would that be worthwhile? The vlog I did the other day didn’t get a huge response, but it was still a nice change from type type typing. If I went the Premium route, I wouldn’t have to go the long way around with loading my video on YouTube first.

Anyway . . . other than feeling rough off and on today, it was a good day at school. Had two classes successfully complete tests when I’d anticipated having to drag some students through them. The tests were practical: sight passage-style practical exercise in annotation and making connections. The grade 11s in first period had a selection of three different articles about effective workplace communication, and the grade 9s in period two had a choice of six different short stories in various genres and styles. Tomorrow, some of my grade 11s will be missing class for a literacy test preparatory meeting, so I have to figure out what to do with the rest of them. Last time they had a lit test prep session, I had the rest of my class watching Sherlock and pointing out some of the concepts we’ve been discussing. I suppose I could have them watch the remainder of the episode, and then do some independent reading with their novel studies. The grade 9s, though . . . well, we haven’t looked at their class novel for a few days, Cue for Treason, so we need to update their notes on the plot points and dive back into the book.

You know, it’s occurred to me also that I haven’t done any romance writing for a while. So I have to wonder: does a writer need to have romance going on to be able to write about it? And then I contemplated whether I’ve been feeling the vibe for writing romance or not. My hubby does lots of little things that are romantic in nature, but of course, there are also the big demonstrative acts that we look to in books and films to give us those little fluttery moments in our bellies. Could I write a romance about a two-decade relationship that would feel as freshly inspiring as a tale about strangers or old friends getting to know one another?

Thank you, by the way, to all of you who leave comments and like my posts. I do appreciate your thoughts and feedback, and it’s gratifying to know that someone out there is enjoying my ramblings in some fashion. 🙂


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