Maybe I should buy stocks in Buckleys. Or Kleenex.

Sick days suck.

I’m talking about the sick days where you have no alternative but to lie down and sleep, or attempt to sleep as much as the misery of your body will allow.

And we need those days, of course. Can’t be a superhero all the time! But it still sucks royally, because you miss out on family time, can’t help the people you want to help, and you have to catch up when you go back to work.

Took my second sick day in a row today. Still not entirely better, but at least now I can think somewhat coherently. Last night I slept poorly in part due to the congestion in my head and chest, and in part due to worrying about what lessons I would send to school for my supply teacher. Once that was done, though, and the kids off on their morning (thanks to my wonderful hubby, who was able to come home on a short break to help get them moving), I was able to relax a bit more and actually rest (again, as much as possible while hacking, coughing, sneezing, etc.). I felt like I’d fallen into a cold medicine commercial.

And now it’s nighttime once more. Hubby has worked another miracle in getting the kids to bed EARLY, but that doesn’t mean we get to cuddle while watching a show, because he has to work at 5 am. Oh, well. Hopefully tomorrow will not be a repeat of today.


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