MacBook Crisis, or, How I Learned How Not to Clean Poop from my MacBook

Don’t let your animal sit on your keyboard, as some of my friends have reminded me — too late, sadly. No matter how cute it looks, it’s not worth the risk of poop. 


Today’s lesson has been a painful one. 

First, if you have a keyboard condom, as I do, use it (I didn’t). If I had, when this happened, I wouldn’t be without computer right now. 

Poop at 1 o’clock! See the lump forming under her tail?

Second, if your critter went where she or he shouldn’t go, don’t use water and soap to clean it. Computers don’t  like that. 

Third, don’t use rubbing alcohol. Apparently that makes the screen short out. 

Sooo . . .  Be good to your laptop. Don’t take it for granted. As my son advised — again, too late — Beardie time should not be mixed with computer time. 

Now please cross your fingers for me that something of my beloved Mac can be saved . . .


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