Also, good news: I have my edits!

The edits for Crystal and Wand: Book Three of the Talbot Trilogy are now in my hot little hands (metaphorically speaking; I have rather mannishly-large hands, and the edits are in my iPad since I can’t use my computer, but that’s neither here nor there — I have them!), so hooray! Work on that can also continue apace. I did not accomplish any school marking today, but I did empty my voicemail and do some shopping. Also got Bridget a new type of hairbrush to help her with detangling (it works), and helped her to make progress on her doll’s dress (please let her take more interest in it tomorrow). Hoping to be more productive tomorrow. I’ve thought about staying up late to clean, but I think it’s better if I try to get back into a regular, less Bohemian sleep pattern. Plus, I’m still wrestling with this stupid cold bug and the cough that won’t quit. So there’s that.

2 thoughts on “Also, good news: I have my edits!

  1. iceprincess552 says:

    *perk* Have I read that one? oooh baby If I have not read it I am SOOOO excited! but if I have read it then I am still excited for release day for you!! lol


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