Wednesday rage-quit, Thursday road-trip, Friday panic

I rage-quit (or, as my friend Chris suggested, depurlitated) my knitting again this afternoon and had an angry nap in retaliation. At least I know now how I was screwing it up, though: at some point after six or nine rows, I ended up purling twice and doing the feather pattern on the reverse side. Maddening, I tell you! But I’ve invested two months into this damned scarf, bought extra yarn, and I’m determined to get it right! So in a bit, I’ll throw on Castle or 3rd Rock from the Sun (we’ve been binge-watching since it was added to Netflix this week — yippee!!) or maybe even Chuck, but not Lost Girl because I’ll get too distracted, and start over again from the hem. I’m thinking of adding sequins or buttons or beading (whatever I have laying around, essentially), to help myself keep track of the rows. 

I’m sending off my MacBook to a reliable repairperson I found online, in province, tomorrow. Cross your fingers that he’s able to work some technical magic for me, and that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The last time I killed my computer, the repair shop in town was able to save the harddrive and I restored my files in the new machine, and I somehow sense that the same thing is goign to happen this time. It may be that the cost of fixing will be prohibitive. I’m not overly anxious to buy another MacBook, simply because of the expense, but I really don’t want to go back to PC — I’m an Apple convert (to some of my students’ dispair). And, apparently, where some people wreck cars over and over, I do the same thing to my computers. But I promise to be more careful from now on. I swear on my life that I will use a keyboard protector, no matter how ugly it is, and I won’t let animals frolic on my keyboard. Girl Guides’ honour! 

I mean, do you have any idea (and I’m fully aware that this is a #firstworldproblem) how difficult it is to edit a long body of work on an iPad? I know I could get used to is — and I may have to, for a while — but I may have to consume copious amounts of chocolate and wine as a coping mechanism. 

Trip to Timmins tomorrow. I was able to get my kids their appointments at the orthodontist this week after all, so after I send off my computer, entrusting it to Canada Post’s express shipping, we’ll go and do that, hopefully timing it right so we can also see Cinderella. And then the ski hill has night-skiing tomorrow from 5-9 pm. I do hope we can do all of these things. Today was a beautiful, sunny, cold day — it would have been perfect for skiing, yet we stayed indoors, partly because of my stupid perpetual cough and congestion. Definitely trying for some swish-swish-swish tomorrow. 

And then Friday will come, and I’ll have to dive back into my marking. My edits. The laundry. Vacation is nearly over. Sometimes it feels like it didn’t start at all, because I was constantly looking toward the end of it, waiting for it to end. Self-sabotage. 


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