Coffee with a Pepsi Chaser for the beginning of the end of the Talbot Trilogy

Yup. That’s my poison. I am not a lover of the roasted bean by any means, but I’ve learned over the last year to appreciate its mellow taste and pick-me-up. That’s the last on the list of things I swore I’d never drink, when I was 7 years old: coffee, tea, and alcohol. 

Of course, when I was 7, I also believed that swallowing orange seeds would result in a tree sprouting in my stomach and growing up through my throat, branching out of my mouth, nose and ears. Horrible. 

And I firmly believed that Dracula, the Wolfman, Frankenstein, and the Mummy lurked in my closet, waiting to creep out after the lights were turned off. And that when I lay in my bed, staring up at the night sky, I was seeing the other side of the earth, a comforting thought — until I realized that I was actually seeing the moon. Around that time, the monsters stopped slithering out among the shadows when a little friend advised me, during a sleepover, that I could imagine my favourite superheroes defending me against them. 

When I was old enough to read on my own, I devoured the Little House books, and Anne of Green Gables, and fantasies like The Blue Sword. I was nearly always reading, and when I wasn’t reading, I was making up stories on my own. I dreamed of one day getting my stories read by others, being a published writer — the top of a list of things I swore I would achieve. 

I bought a new keyboard and mouse today, and moved furniture so I can sit comfortably at my desktop, even though the desk itself is slightly too small for my frame (oh, ergonomics!). Hubby hasn’t noticed yet, and when he does, he’ll likely complain — after all, the old keyboard worked perfectly fine, if we ignored the sticking keys (result of kids sneaking food [okay, in all honesty, we let them do it] over by the computer) and slow performance, and the mouse was the same deal — and the new keyboard I bought is more like that of a Mac, with shallow keys and a lighter frame. What can I say? I like the aesthetics of the look. I was going to go wireless, but I went with the cheaper parts that plug in, and now I can get back to doing what I need to do: finish the edits on the final novel of my trilogy. 

I’m so close now, everybody. If I can keep my kids occupied for a day or so, I think that’s all I might need. So often, over the last nine years — I started writing the Talbot Trilogy when Bridget was born and I was on parental leave (“Oh, I’ll use the time to write a book” Hah! Sooo naive!) — I cursed myself for making my leap into professional writing with a trilogy. How could I do this to myself? After Wind and Shadow was done, and its prequel novella, Mist and Midnight, it seemed so easy to leap right into Blood and Fire, especially as I completed the first book in time to start the second as part of NaNoWriMo. But then I faced issues with my plot, character development, problems cropping up that I hadn’t expected. The haul through book two was as hard as my third year of university, when I knew that the end of the process was coming but it was still so far away. Starting this final installment, Crystal and Wand, was brutal, because I now understood what I was putting myself in for, and I honestly didn’t really know how it was going to end. Oh, I had a general idea, but once again my characters were misbehaving and taking over, making decisions without my approval. But now . . . it’s happening. The novel is nearly in its final form. 

Writing is very much like putting on a play, in my experience. It’s the same creative process in many ways. Exciting to jump in at first, until the realities of the hard work, effort, and exhaustion set in. And then it’s hard to keep going, but the vision compels you — giving up simply isn’t an option, because then the vision won’t be realized. That being said, I now know what it is to also dread the next project, be it writing or theatre, knowing how much it takes to make the dream happen. But I also know how very much it’s worth the struggle. 

Anyway . . . stay with me, folks. As soon as edits are done and the final stages of the process are under way — pdf approval, and print copy readthrough — I’ll start setting up some contests and promotional events, not just for Crystal and Wand, but for the series as a whole. Nine years in the making. It’s a beautiful thing.


@(*#&$#(*&$(#@&( I cut it too close again! Okay, technically this post was finished on March 19th, for those of you keeping track of my 365 Days of Blogging personal challenge!


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