Thursday Roundup of Randomness: Superworms, Fingernails, Second Winter . . .

1) I bought Elizabeth Reptile some superworms as a treat this week, and I discovered a deep satisfaction in watching her gobble each one with noisy, squishy crunches.


2) Uber-long finger nails — the kind that curl over the fingers. I always wonder when I see them how the owner of such nails copes with typing, opening cans, and a myriad of other mundane tasks. And then I wish for my back to be scratched.72253433186a665c44f407705e5f9145

3) I have decided that we no longer have “Spring”. Instead, I shall call this season, after the manner of sneaking Hobbitses, “Second Winter”. second-breakfast-o

4) When I am at home with my children, I am constantly amazed by how big and increasingly independent they are. But when I see them at my school — my son is in grade 8 there (it’s a 7-12 school), and my daughter gets dropped off by the bus so I can collect her without having to race home — by all that’s holy, they’re just so little still! It’s like I’m looking at them through flipped ends of a telescope!

10731082_809640995784293_4663919805633907738_n 10614286_806311006117292_1765148976488686624_n

5) The more I try to clean my house, the messier it gets. It’s true. I put everything I’m trying to sort into piles, and then do the sweeping and vacuuming and washing and dusting, and then I’m so exhausted that the piles just sort of stay where they are. And the cycle repeats. Kind of like this f*@&ing season. Whoops, I meant, Second Winter, because apparently we already had a day of spring where I didn’t have to scrape the car windshield and I saw kids walking around without coats on.


6) I spoke with a chap on the phone last night about the cost of trading in my current vehicle — a Suzuki SX4 that we are rapidly outgrowing — for a Dodge Caravan. Not going for it as I want to pay down a loan or two before entering a new lease or whatever. But it struck me how much the car salesperson / loan analyst can depend on verbal patter and jargon to slip the consumer into a vehicle agreement. Rather annoying, too. #notallcarsalespeople


7) I finally got a set of tests marked today that I’ve been carrying around with me for over three weeks. Brought a second set home but I cannot mark until the children are both in bed, and the elder is currently finishing his homework after a busy evening of skating lesson, karate, shower, and cookies.


8) I made cookies. I bought the Pillsbury kind that is straight cheating: you pick up the lump of cookie dough, drop it on a baking sheet, and slide it in the oven. Takes 10 seconds. Still nearly burned them. My daughter pretty much tisked at me for cheating. She gets no cookies tomorrow.


9) In two skating lessons, my son has caught up on more than five years since I last had him in the club. I watched him take on hard-stops, cross-overs, and spins, and I harbour a hope that he has found another niche for himself. Yet I can’t stop myself from worrying over what people might say about my son taking up figure skating. It’s the same nervousness that I feel sometimes about telling people I’m Wiccan and a witch, as well as a few other things I generally keep to myself for fear of being judged. Although I’ve gotten over telling people that I frequently fight depression and anxiety, low self-esteem and guilt.

10) I need to buy a new belt but they are difficult to find in my size.

11) Hubby has suggested that we stop subscribing to cable because we never watch it anymore — only Netflix, YouTube, and assorted on-demand channels provided through our Apple box. I suggested doing away with cable TWO YEARS AGO. *tears at hair*

12) Readers from 21 (TWENTY-ONE!!!!) different countries have clicked on my blog. That just floors me. I need to step up my game to deserve that kind of loving!

13) I just like the number 13. I think it’s supremely cool that some buildings still skip the number in elevators, or that it’s missing on certain streets. Superstitions, myths, and fables are fascinating.

14) Tickets have now been acquired for both the Gordon Lightfoot concert in August, and the first Tragically Hip concert here in Kirkland Lake! Plus interest is rising in a school trip to Ottawa ComicCon. Exciting things are in the wind!

15) I’m definitely back on the coffee again. I would not have survived this week without the bean. Not sure what to make of that.

Oh, random thoughts that sprout in my brain like noisome weeds, threading into nooks and crannies where they’re least expected. They winkle around, spreading tendrils and dropping seeds, worrying at me until I finally write them down. Or dancing, like my favourite wolfie there, until I finally acknowledge them. Notice me, senpai!



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