School trip planning and the benefits of the Long Weekend

So it looks like the school trip to Ottawa ComicCon is a go! I needed 15 students at a minimum, and I currently have 14, but there are a couple of interested participants (and parents) that I’ll be speaking with next week. The cost of the trip per student / person goes down a little more with each new attendee, so I’m going to step up advertising next week and try to fill the minibus to the maximum of 30 students / people. It would be great to have more parents come along, also — although they may want to book rooms of their own rather than bunking with the teenagers!

Putting together a field trip is a headache but always worth the effort. Now that I’ve got some numbers, the next step is to fill out the necessary paperwork and start booking accommodations and getting the Con tickets, as well as confirming the transportation. And once the convention puts out its schedule, I’ll have to call together the students to tell them about their options. The senior students will have more freedom to roam than the two or three grade 7/8s, including my son, but having also seen FanExpo, I’m pretty confident that even the youngest members of our group will have specific places they’ll want to see or events they’ll want to attend. I’ve also informed each student that if he/she doesn’t have a cellphone of their own, they’re to partner up with someone who does so that I can get in touch with them quickly if necessary. I’m also on the lookout among staff members for a male chaperone. Hopefully the extra adults will be agreeable to sharing some of the shepherding duties . . . I’m a bit selfish and would like to be able to go off on my own to one or two things as well. Like getting Billie Piper’s autograph . . . (sigh)

The students who have brought me deposits are super excited and already planning their cosplays. In a way, attending ComicCon as a field trip is awesome because of the dressing-up and creativity, but it’s also going to be potentially frustrating if there are a lot of the same cosplayers. At FanExpo, for example, there were any number of Deadpools, so imagine looking for one teenager in particular in that costume! I may have to come up with something I can use to identify my students at a distance. Maybe I could have them carry signs in their backpacks that they could hold up if I called them and asked them to show where they were . . . or big silk flowers . . . Hm. I think, too, that if I dress up, I should include a large staff of some kind that could be easily recognized from a distance. I found that that came in handy when we were meeting up with friends at FanExpo, and the friends were carrying such a beast of a prop.

So . . . lots to do this weekend. There’s cleaning so the Easter Bunny isn’t scared away by our horror of a house, marking to catch up (still), permission forms to write up, and different hotels or accommodations centres to contact, even if it’s just leaving a message. Plus I still have edits to finish. I’m not sure where to start. Same old story . . . cleaning will tire me out before I can get the paperwork / marking / editing done. I could sit on my duff and do all the edits, marking, etc., but the house will only degenerate further because we’re all at home and I haven’t been successful yet at training the kids to help out. To be perfectly honest, sometimes I have a hard time letting go of the control over cleaning, too — there are certain tasks I like done in specific ways, and I tend to resort to doing them myself just so I’m satisfied. Difficult to let go of that. It’s also hard to get the cleaning done in our limited space when there are bodies in the way. Mama gets grumpy when her cleaning gets interrupted!

The good news is that we’re not on any real schedule, save for E.B.’s arrival on Sunday morning. No family coming up or need to travel anywhere. Sleeping in will be a definite treat. And on that note, I’m heading to bed early so I won’t sleep in too late to waste the morning.

May your long weekend (if you have one) be enjoyable, relaxing, and safe.


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