A song in the key of something, inspired by Gordon Lightfoot, Stompin’ Tom and the Weather Network

The weather alert tonight, and working on my snowmobile story, has me in a folk-song kind of mood. So here’s a bit of a something that wants a tune in a Gordon Lightfootish sort-of way, or in the manner of Stompin’ Tom.

Heavy rain warning

Springtime coming fast

Feel it in the pressure

of the air moving in from the south.

The snowpack is melting

faster than before

Puddles are spreading out

right before my door.


Heavy rain warning

Flash floods may occur

Watch the road before you

Keep your eye upon the curve

Springtime melts are dangerous

when the frost remains

Nowhere for the water

Nothing to retain . . .

* (Bridge)

Winter fights until the last,

makes us feel the strain.

Sometimes you start to doubt

you’ll feel the warmth again.

Trade your boots for rubber

And remember to prepare

Heavy rains are coming

with the change of air.


Heavy rain warning

Springtime coming fast

Watch out for the wildlife —

Washed out hungry bears.

It’s damp and cold and chilly

But it’s better than the snow

The downpour is a pain

but the white shit’s gotta go.


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