The Slings and Arrows of Editing

One of the frustrations of editing is having to acknowledge one’s own limitations and, at times, failings in communicating the images you’ve seen in your head to the reader. I’m struggling through the last edits of Crystal and Wand, accepting that certain parts need to be cut and others need to be clarified. It’s gotten easier since my first editing experience four (or was it five?) years ago, but there’s always a level of difficulty in refining and directing my diction.

Last night, I had a nightmare that included facing problems with edits in my writing. I sometimes wish that I could sit down with my editor to go over the work together, the way I do with my students when I have time. But my editor is in Minnesota, and I don’t think that either of us has the time to go through the manuscript over Skype.

I’ll carry on the best I can. I’m determined to complete these edits tonight and be done with them.

In the meantime, don’t forget to take a peek at the cover reveal for Crystal and Wand, and leave a comment for your chance to win signed copies of all three books in the Talbot Trilogy.


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