Allergy Season Strikes Again! And I go to bed.

With the retreat of the snow (FINALLY!!!!) and the rise of the piles of winter doggy leavings, comes my old nemesis.

It’s the beginning of allergy season.

I feel it in my sinuses, tight and swollen and sore and congested. It’s in my eyes, sore and dry. I feel it in the tingling of the roof of my mouth, and in the tickling of my ears. The pollen is flowing, and so is my nose.

If it weren’t so physically draining (which is, in turn, mentally draining), I would try not to mind. But not even coffee can help me now. Only sleep. Precious, restful sleep.

I passed the halfway point in my WIP last night, and Adam is in an awkward position that I need to resolve. But my bed . . . it’s so soft, and warm, and welcoming. It feels like the pressure in my sinuses is drawing me to my comfy pillows, like — well, I guess I can’t say anything regarding magnets or moths because those aren’t great comparisons to make with one’s nasal cavity. But if I could walk through walls, I’d be gravitating to my bed right now.

So that is what I shall do. No word count for tonight. Adam will simply have to remain in his holding pattern, and I’ll have to catch up tomorrow.

Oh, gods . . . and do my marks for the mid-term report cards, due Monday. (sob)

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