Crossing the finish line — Goal ACHIEVED!


So, that’s it! Weighing in at 50,030 words, completed in 29 days. It’s not perfect, nowhere near finished, but since I’ve been able to let my students begin reading it last week, two are really enjoying it, and three or four are grudgingly continuing to read it either out of interest or pity . . . but they’re reading it.

My kingdom for a better title than the Snowmobile Story!

Still, I’m so happy to have gotten another novel written through Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s a reminder to me of how much I can accomplish in a relatively short space of time. Definitely a boost, right when I needed it — I don’t take transitional weather very well. And even though I know it needs work, it’s a complete draft from start to finish, unlike the piles of unfinished plot ideas and exposition lying around in my notebooks and computer files.

The next step is getting feedback, doing the edits, etc., but now I need to focus back on other priorities at work and at home. You put certain things off for a month when you’re working on a story, and that means catching up when it’s done.

Doing this, though — it makes me want to go out and celebrate. Like Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) having wine while her cat eats a dish of Fancy Feast. Or Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) doing his thing after hitting the final lines of his — what was it, his forty-third novel? True, I’m not even close to being that prolific. But imagine if I could write like this every month. Every day. Imagine being able to produce six or more novels a year. I know I could do that. One day, I will do that. For now, this is enough, though.

Thanks for following me on this, by the way. I really appreciate it, very very much. 365 Days of Blogging will continue, with more updates on this and on the Talbot Trilogy as I complete my final proofreading checks and the promotions for Crystal and Wand kick into high gear. Also coming up is my trip to Ottawa ComicCon (yikes!) and assorted other hijinks and shenanigans . . . work-life balance, indeed!

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