Random thought: Repeated phrases and expressions — favourites or slackery gone wild?

Do you ever notice that sometimes writers or groups of writers will start using the same phrases or patterns over and over again? Like, in M*A*S*H, Hawkeye would often break into a long monologue using variations on a theme, my favourite being his response to being told to carry a gun.

When you start binge-watching, these patterns become more and more clear. Sometimes it’s just the music used in certain scenes — as much as I love Chuck, for example, the love-theme music gets a little grating when it comes on, after five or six episodes.

But those lines. I wonder sometimes if it’s because we catch onto certain expressions that become our favourites, or if it’s a bit of laziness. I know for myself, I have a habit of falling into “all hell broke loose” — I just enjoy the visual behind it. The implications. But when a favourite phrase gets overused . . . I have to ask why.

Like Castle: he always knows just what to do. It gets annoying.

So lately, I’ve been bingeing on Daredevil, ’cause it’s AWESOME, and I’ve noticed another one. Matt Murdock says it, and then I heard Vanessa say it, too. The line is “And here we are.” Or, its variant: “So here we are.” It’s just interesting — is the repetition intentional, or overlooked? If it’s meant to be one character’s thing, why does another character say it?

Anyway, that’s just my random thought for the night. Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “Random thought: Repeated phrases and expressions — favourites or slackery gone wild?

  1. Caroline says:

    I’m binge watching Grey’s Anatomy right now. All of the characters have their own personalities, however they all speak the same. When they’re passionate about something, they repeat something at the end for emphasis. Even the patients. I never noticed just how common this was until I started binge watching.


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