On a rainy lunchtime walk to the store: a poem

Went for a walk in the lunchtime rain

No umbrella, went out just the same.

Cool drizzle quickly coated my hat, my jacket,

Coating my glasses, bathing my skin,

but though I feared aching hands and frozen feet,

the soft air between the raindrops soothed.

Rain on my face and birdsong in the air,

no music but the soft rhythm of tiny drops on the trees.

Their branches still bare, buds waiting to bloom,

slender fingers reaching receive the water

so long expected from the sky.

The mixed blessing of rain brings up the worms,

frees insect larvae and floods snow-melt streams.

The rain drips from my nose, soaks into my jeans

Wets my shoe-tops and I feel the damp,

but moving forward keeps me warm, my coat dry inside,

and my body embraces the clean air.


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